künstlerischer Projekträume
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Spor Klübü

Freienwalder Straße

Michelle Atherton, Jette Gejl, TV MCCormack, It doesn’t have a Shape, it has a Shadow, 2019, Foto: M. Mayer

TRANSIT-series#1, Johannes Bünemann, Karthamazän, 2018, Foto: Matthias Mayer

Funding and access to funding is a key element in sustaining project spaces. There are many funding tools that project spaces can use to cover the costs of labor, materials, and rent. But the options are competitive and usually involve a lot of effort and paperwork. In our opinion, there needs to be a change in the funding system that includes simplifying the application process and shortening the waiting time between submission and announcement of the result. Only like this can the project space keep the momentum and focus on artistic and curatorial projects.Ich würde es das nächste Mal nicht mehr allein machen.Die Coronapandemie hat uns merkwürdigerweise eher resilienter und produktiver gemacht − und darin bestärkt, immer wieder hinaus in den Stadtraum zu gehen, um zu versuchen, Einfluss zu nehmen.