künstlerischer Projekträume
und -initiativen

singuhr e. V.


Rolf Julius, Musik, weiter entfernt, Klanginstallation, 1999/2021, Parochialkirche Berlin, Foto: Roman März

Julio Lugon, Elephant Meditations, Klanginstallation, 2021, Meinblau Projektraum, Foto: Roman März

The word “project space” is almost misleading to me. Projects do not have to take place in spaces. Radio shows, Instagram takeovers, and outdoor screenings are also projects. To focus on the aspect of space itself is to take a narrow view of what could – and is – happening in Berlin at the moment. The ideal project space would come with a budget for production and overhead costs. Ideally, also the curators ought to get paid.Nach den Künstler*innen und Architekt*innen kamen die Designer*innen. Heute sind’s die Start-upper*innen.Every hour one puts into the project will be missed in your own practice. Project spaces are significant to counter the institutions and their market-oriented curated productions. They still have the ­capac­ity to foster artistic practices and communities, but also to be resistant to general tendencies and trends. Perhaps project spaces are now what once were the underground and the avant-garde.