künstlerischer Projekträume
und -initiativen

singuhr e. V.


Rolf Julius, Musik, weiter entfernt, Klanginstallation, 1999/2021, Parochialkirche Berlin, Foto: Roman März

Julio Lugon, Elephant Meditations, Klanginstallation, 2021, Meinblau Projektraum, Foto: Roman März

It always feels quite special when an institution catches the zeitgeist of a moment. Project spaces have a lot more freedom in this sense, and they can truly, sincerely, reflect a moment or a movement as it is happening. They are essential to a critically active arts scene. Perhaps the orientation of project ­spaces has been forced to shift towards something more self-sustain­able – but that might not be a bad thing.… Still nowadays, the more and more international “g-local” Berliner independent cultural scene has been able to grow, interconnect, and continue to establish strategies to be a political protagonist of this long debate, also representing an impressive cultural resource to profit from.Art is what brought me and many thousands to the city of Berlin. Berlin, and all its changes, is art.