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(the same GLEICHSCHALTUNGSMATRIX formerly known as..) WestGermany Büro für postpostmoderne Kommunikation

Skalitzer Straße

KNICK-KNACK TO THE FUTURE Concept Store Performance von copy & waste, 2015, Foto: Stephan Kallage

„White Wash“, mit Astrid Busch, Alexandra Schumacher, Kym Ward, 2014, Foto: Stephan Kallage

Foto: NOrthEurope/WestGermany, Stephan Kallage

Foto: NOrthEurope/WestGermany, Stephan Kallage

Wenn die Stadt verkauft ist, erübrigen sich alle weiteren Fragen.We are interested in reaching audiences that are NOT part of the art world.There is probably no ideal project space, and that is exactly what is ideal about this format; the openness and the freedom that allows it to take any shape and direction. Project spaces are versatile structures that can be morphed in many different ways, reflecting the circumstances and the people that are part of the process. To us, a project space is a kind of utopia, although there is no fixed ­concept of an ideal project space. Project spaces are very much constantly evolving, changing, and adapting.