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Geburtshaus von Kurt Tucholsky
Lübecker Straße

Zaugg und Pfelder, Schmunzeln, Preview-Review, 2020, Foto: Jan Peter Zaugg

Bruno Nagel, Ich kauf mir China, viel Papier, 2019 aus: Heute zwischen Gestern und Morgen, Foto: Pfelder/Zaugg © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2021

In the early years, we were not thinking so much about accessibility to our exhibitions and events in a physical sense of venues without elevators or events without translation, but also in a digital sense. For many years, our online magazine hadn’t been accessible for screen-readers for people with poor vision or the blind, or keyboard navigation for people with mobility issues, for example. Getting there was a journey, and I think we would now start from a more accessible place. I would want local politicians to make their funding applications more accessible, not only in terms of able-ism, but also in terms of all forms of discrimination, e.g. proof of citizenship, applications having to be written in German. I wish that they would give a universal basic income to everyone (not just citizens), open their borders, and make healthcare free, free for everyone.Art is what brought me and many thousands to the city of Berlin. Berlin, and all its changes, is art.I have never really been a friend of these kinds of networks, but from what I can see, you have done a pretty good job for the visibility of and necessity for free spaces.