künstlerischer Projekträume
und -initiativen



Forms of Negotiation, 2013, Foto: Stefan Endewardt

Stefan Endewardt, Mapping the Common Ground, Collage

Das Gefängnis in mir, Foto: Stefan Endewardt

Art is what brought me and many thousands to the city of Berlin. Berlin, and all its changes, is art.It just makes my heart sing. Despite all that, I believe in art, but I guess it is about time to find new ways (again).The art scene, spaces, artists, and initiators in the past ten years (being a continuum of what has gone before) in a nutshell, can be seen to have changed from individual authorships to more collective ones. They act in opposition to the anonymized corporate structures, in particular the giant housing conglomerates (these destructive collective edifices that have the same legal rights as a sentient individual human being) that threaten to dissemble the unique fabric of the city of Berlin that provided a fertile ground in which these initiatives could rise, connect, and thrive. So the project room scene provides a positive counter-weight to these destructive development processes as a living, breathing, collaborative, and inclusive network. I hope that this fabulous project room network does not drown in the indifference of mainstream political thinking in the city of Berlin.