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Horse & Pony

Altenbraker Straße

Derick Decario Ladale Whitson, Cheryl Donegan, Hell Yes, 2021, Foto: Rocco Ruglio Misurell

Christa Joo Hyun D’Angelo, Hell Yes, 2021, Foto: Rocco Ruglio Misurell © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2021

Unsere Miete hat sich mehr als verdoppelt.Even though COVEN doesn’t have our own project space (although we are thinking about getting a ­studio …), we make space, mainly for our queer community in Berlin and online. We make space to come together, meet each other, talk about stuff, and laugh. We try to pay as many queers as we can to make art with us. To think about art, to question art. Art for us has always been about creating community and offer alternatives to worn-out narratives. We like art for its world-making capacity.Art has the power to make people think and feel differently. Art has the power to activate change.