künstlerischer Projekträume
und -initiativen
Art should first and foremost raise questions that are important for present and future societies. In the last decade, art has moved closer to science, technology, and society. It has become less commercialized and more diverse. We would like art to become not only illustrative and speculative, but also functional, embedding even more science and technologies within itself. This would encourage the audience to be even closer to art, perhaps more critical, diverse, ­tolerant, and creative.Wir halten gesellschaftlichen Wandel im Sinne permanenter und emanzipatorischer Weiterentwicklung für elementar. In diesem Prozess bedarf es insbesondere der unkonventionellen und der kritischen Stimmen. Daher sehen wir unsere Aufgabe und Möglichkeit darin, gerade diesen oft wenig gehörten und mino­ritären Stimmen Raum zu bieten. Kunst interagiert mit der Gesellschaft oder sie findet nicht statt − insofern streiten wir für die Idee, die ästhetischen mit den sozialen Fragen zusammenzu­denken und zu reflektieren. Es gibt keine wirkliche Freiheit ohne Schönheit und genauso wenig gibt es echte Schönheit ohne gesellschaftliche Freiheit.The pandemic gave us a pause and became a forced hiatus. For us, it didn’t make sense to organize events or to move into the digital space during the last year. A willingness to think outside the box, to implement short-term funding, and to listen to the needs of the community. Not everyone requires long term investments; others would like to apply for EUR 500 to develop a project for next month. These quick, low-cost funding opportunities are not clearly available yet. When implementing initiatives, first think about the places and the people you are trying to serve. Requiring project spaces to have a program mapped out six months in advance, or ask for only German-language applications is not responding to the community.