künstlerischer Projekträume
und -initiativen
… But definitely key words such as “project space”, “artist-run”, “grassroots”, “laboratory”, etc. are still good key words (to be constantly re-discussed) that underline the spirit and intention of such open experiments that somehow can only function as open experiments! A free interactive and inclusive format to create, express, and ex­change interdisciplinary ideas with spontaneous, playful, DIY approaches; having access to and exchanging various physical spaces to manifest all facets of what independent cultural production can unfold – also in the sense of creating social awareness and responsi­bility due to the fact that every single participant, no matter the “role” or “title” is deeply aware & involved in the process of making things happen, sharing responsibilities and profits (if there are any 🙂 … Investors and businesses assumed the form of faceless international partnerships with enormous capital and devouring public resources deciding on the future of all citizens, delivering less and less social protection and consideration for cultural and social diversity.Die Pandemie hat uns gezwungen, nicht nur mehr in den digitalen Raum zu expandieren, sondern uns darüber hinaus mehr Gedanken zu machen hinsichtlich eines barrierefreien Zugangs – insbesondere auch im digitalen Raum –, um ein möglichst breites Publikum mit unseren Ausstellungen, Performances, Veranstaltungen und Kinder-Workshops zu erreichen. Die Verwendung von Videos anstelle von Werktexten, die Verwendung von Leichter Sprache auf der Website sowie die Ausstellung als Spiel sind nur einige exemplarische Strategien, die wir während Corona dazu entwickelt haben – und beibehalten werden.The Network is a fundamental organization in the artistic landscape of Berlin. Without the Network, many of the support structures that have been built in recent years simply would not exist. Unionizing has always been problematic in a sector like the art sphere where the construction of the worker has been historically based on the idea of the author, and therefore the ego. In order to achieve change, cooperative models like the Network are a must. The challenge is how to create belonging from difference.