künstlerischer Projekträume
und -initiativen
To run a space is a form of appreciation of other artists, it is an outcome of friendship and mutual understanding; it is an indication of trust between all involved. To run a space means to take responsibility. To run a space is not only self-organization – money may not be vital to put up a show – but it is for sure necessary to animate a space and keep it alive. The prize comes due to hard and merited work, but maybe a grant would be more befitting than a prize? Maybe an iron scaffold holding up a structure in advance is better suited than a gold star for accomplishments? To run a space is a full time job. A group of artists who share their enthusiasm, interests, time, and skills would impart a project with a larger circulation of assignments between the makers. I am convinced that the longevity and success of a space relies on a horizontally organized (net) work.Der Begriff „Kunst“ ist spannend, da er für jede Person etwas anderes bedeuten kann. Gerade in der Diversität der Ansichten über „Kunst“ liegt ihre Kraft. Das macht sich auch in der freien Szene der Projekträume bemerkbar. Es werden die unterschiedlichsten Sichtweisen auf und über Kunst vertreten und nichts unterliegt der Geschmackslimitierung einer kleinen Elite. Das bedeutet eine große Vielfalt und Innova­tionsfreude an künstlerischer, kultureller Entwicklung. Die Projektraumarbeit verstärkt generell das Interesse an künstlerischen Prozessen und verlagert die Aufmerksamkeit vom Objekt hin zum Entstehungsprozess. − Was insbesondere Kunst in Projekträumen im öffentlichen Raum kann: Leute aus der Bevölkerung neugierig machen, sich die Kunst vor Ort anzuschauen, bei Gelegenheit den Kontakt zu Betreiber*innen und Künstler*innen aufzunehmen, mit ihnen ins Gespräch zu kommen, und: wiederzukommen. Also: die Begegnung mit Kunst im Alltag ermöglichen.These try-outs should be understood not in abstract terms, but in the light of the current struggles with labor, housing, racism, homophobia, and anti-fascist positions. If politicians can facilitate these processes for us to work, that would be great. We would wish that the situation wouldn’t look as somber but reality is also knocking on the door of the art sphere. Can politicians regulate the price for studios and project spaces? Can they facilitate real financial support for diversity? Can they push a little bit further and understand the complex situation of art practitioners during and after the pandemic, and give some more support?