künstlerischer Projekträume
und -initiativen
Art has the unique ability to help us expand our imagination and the way we think about the world. By bending the lines of logic and ­rational approaches, it offers a gateway to our collective unconscious and provides a terrain where everything is possible, hence pushing our thinking process forward. We see art and artists as seismographs for changes in society. There is also great freedom in art, addressing big and timeless questions that are independent of current economic and political realities and interests. Art can be a space for utopias, or for histories outside of history books. Art is important because it keeps us going through the difficult and dark times. Art keeps us alive.Wir halten gesellschaftlichen Wandel im Sinne permanenter und emanzipatorischer Weiterentwicklung für elementar. In diesem Prozess bedarf es insbesondere der unkonventionellen und der kritischen Stimmen. Daher sehen wir unsere Aufgabe und Möglichkeit darin, gerade diesen oft wenig gehörten und mino­ritären Stimmen Raum zu bieten. Kunst interagiert mit der Gesellschaft oder sie findet nicht statt − insofern streiten wir für die Idee, die ästhetischen mit den sozialen Fragen zusammenzu­denken und zu reflektieren. Es gibt keine wirkliche Freiheit ohne Schönheit und genauso wenig gibt es echte Schönheit ohne gesellschaftliche Freiheit.… But definitely key words such as “project space”, “artist-run”, “grassroots”, “laboratory”, etc. are still good key words (to be constantly re-discussed) that underline the spirit and intention of such open experiments that somehow can only function as open experiments! A free interactive and inclusive format to create, express, and ex­change interdisciplinary ideas with spontaneous, playful, DIY approaches; having access to and exchanging various physical spaces to manifest all facets of what independent cultural production can unfold – also in the sense of creating social awareness and responsi­bility due to the fact that every single participant, no matter the “role” or “title” is deeply aware & involved in the process of making things happen, sharing responsibilities and profits (if there are any 🙂 … Investors and businesses assumed the form of faceless international partnerships with enormous capital and devouring public resources deciding on the future of all citizens, delivering less and less social protection and consideration for cultural and social diversity.