künstlerischer Projekträume
und -initiativen

SOMA Art Gallery

SOMA 700

Kahee Jeong, Unmyth, 2021, Foto: Nabi Nara

Kevin Groen, Boys don’t cry, 2020, Foto: Nabi Nara

The Network is a fundamental organization in the artistic landscape of Berlin. Without the Network, many of the support structures that have been built in recent years simply would not exist. Unionizing has always been problematic in a sector like the art sphere where the construction of the worker has been historically based on the idea of the author, and therefore the ego. In order to achieve change, cooperative models like the Network are a must. The challenge is how to create belonging from difference.Ich würde es das nächste Mal nicht mehr allein machen.Art should first and foremost raise questions that are important for present and future societies. In the last decade, art has moved closer to science, technology, and society. It has become less commercialized and more diverse. We would like art to become not only illustrative and speculative, but also functional, embedding even more science and technologies within itself. This would encourage the audience to be even closer to art, perhaps more critical, diverse, ­tolerant, and creative.