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okk/raum 29

Organ Kritischer Kunst


Hyunho Park, Time Crystals, Schaufensterperformance, 2019

Marina Barsy Janer & Isil Sol Vil, Performance Corpus intersitium, 2016

Piela Auvinen, Paleogym, Sculpture, Ausstellung: Pacha Suomi, 2020 © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2021

Fördermöglichkeiten sind begrenzt und werden so stark nachgefragt, dass es einer Lotterie gleicht, ob man einen Zu­schlag erhält.I wish that politicians would ­realize how important funding structures are and how much these can shape an art scene – shape a city.Art should first and foremost raise questions that are important for present and future societies. In the last decade, art has moved closer to science, technology, and society. It has become less commercialized and more diverse. We would like art to become not only illustrative and speculative, but also functional, embedding even more science and technologies within itself. This would encourage the audience to be even closer to art, perhaps more critical, diverse, ­tolerant, and creative.