künstlerischer Projekträume
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Kulturpalast Wedding International e. V.

Freienwalder Straße

Außenansicht, 2015, Foto: Stefanie Rumpler

Helter Skelter Festival, 2016, Foto: Stefanie Rumpler

Was sich bis heute entwickelt hat, ist eine wichtige Grundlage für die Wertschätzung und Sichtbarkeit der Projekträume.We had no idea that the project room scene in Berlin existed until we had founded our own …Funding and access to funding is a key element in sustaining project spaces. There are many funding tools that project spaces can use to cover the costs of labor, materials, and rent. But the options are competitive and usually involve a lot of effort and paperwork. In our opinion, there needs to be a change in the funding system that includes simplifying the application process and shortening the waiting time between submission and announcement of the result. Only like this can the project space keep the momentum and focus on artistic and curatorial projects.