künstlerischer Projekträume
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Tankstelle für Kunst und Impuls


4. internationales, themenspezifisches und spartenübergreifendes Ausstellungsprojekt, 2011/12

Gisela Weimann, Die Wand / KONJUGATIONEN / Über das Irren, 2020

11 Jahre kunsT und impulS, 2019/20, Falt-karton als Wandobjekt für die Literatur-beiträge

Oliver Orthuber, Ausgespeites aus der anderen Welt?, x| y|z: Raumobjekt (für Augustina), 2016

Alle guten Dinge haben etwas Lässiges und liegen wie Kühe auf der Wiese.It always feels quite special when an institution catches the zeitgeist of a moment. Project spaces have a lot more freedom in this sense, and they can truly, sincerely, reflect a moment or a movement as it is happening. They are essential to a critically active arts scene. Perhaps the orientation of project ­spaces has been forced to shift towards something more self-sustain­able – but that might not be a bad thing.In the early years, we were not thinking so much about accessibility to our exhibitions and events in a physical sense of venues without elevators or events without translation, but also in a digital sense. For many years, our online magazine hadn’t been accessible for screen-readers for people with poor vision or the blind, or keyboard navigation for people with mobility issues, for example. Getting there was a journey, and I think we would now start from a more accessible place. I would want local politicians to make their funding applications more accessible, not only in terms of able-ism, but also in terms of all forms of discrimination, e.g. proof of citizenship, applications having to be written in German. I wish that they would give a universal basic income to everyone (not just citizens), open their borders, and make healthcare free, free for everyone.