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Fotogalerie Friedrichshain

(Kulturring in Berlin e. V.)

1994 e.V. (1985)
Helsingforser Platz

Chile ist erwacht – Repression und sozialer Widerstand Gestern und Heute, 2021, Foto: Valerie Oleynik

Vernissage Chile ist erwacht – Repression und sozialer Widerstand, Gestern und Heute, 2021, Foto: V. Oleynik

Art is what brought me and many thousands to the city of Berlin. Berlin, and all its changes, is art.These try-outs should be understood not in abstract terms, but in the light of the current struggles with labor, housing, racism, homophobia, and anti-fascist positions. If politicians can facilitate these processes for us to work, that would be great. We would wish that the situation wouldn’t look as somber but reality is also knocking on the door of the art sphere. Can politicians regulate the price for studios and project spaces? Can they facilitate real financial support for diversity? Can they push a little bit further and understand the complex situation of art practitioners during and after the pandemic, and give some more support?Eine Definition von „Kunst“ ist für uns nicht von Interesse.