künstlerischer Projekträume
und -initiativen

Errant Sound


Janine Eisenächer & Steffi Weismann, Ready Making #1, 2019, Foto: Janine Eisenächer & Steffi Weismann

Erik Smith, Titanic, Displacements, 2019, Foto: Erik Smith

We are interested in reaching audiences that are NOT part of the art world.Wir brauchen für den Bereich Freie Szene/Kunstprojekträume ein noch viel größeres Fördervolumen. Auch eine langfristige Förde­rung für größere Projekträume (die bereits halb institutio­nalisiert sind) werden dringend benötigt.The engagement and support from the Network has been vitally important to our growth and sustainability, and also our learning and understanding of the ­wider Berlin art scene beyond our micro-communities. For one thing, we have learned so much about the plurality of spaces and creative ­discourses in Berlin. But the open discussion that the Network allows with the Berlin Senate and one another has been really important in order to understand our needs as unique nodes in the artistic landscape of Berlin, and creative mutual goals for the sustainability and vitality of the community as a whole.