künstlerischer Projekträume
und -initiativen


Soline Krug & Martin Remus, The Deepess Stage, 2018, Foto: Chroma

Manon Malan, 2019, Foto: Chroma

Art has the unique ability to help us expand our imagination and the way we think about the world. By bending the lines of logic and ­rational approaches, it offers a gateway to our collective unconscious and provides a terrain where everything is possible, hence pushing our thinking process forward. We see art and artists as seismographs for changes in society. There is also great freedom in art, addressing big and timeless questions that are independent of current economic and political realities and interests. Art can be a space for utopias, or for histories outside of history books. Art is important because it keeps us going through the difficult and dark times. Art keeps us alive.Art has the power to make people think and feel differently. Art has the power to activate change.Eine Definition von „Kunst“ ist für uns nicht von Interesse.