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Club der Polnischen Versager e. V.


Außenansicht, Foto: Darek Gontarski

Innenansicht, Foto: Darek Gontarski

Funding and access to funding is a key element in sustaining project spaces. There are many funding tools that project spaces can use to cover the costs of labor, materials, and rent. But the options are competitive and usually involve a lot of effort and paperwork. In our opinion, there needs to be a change in the funding system that includes simplifying the application process and shortening the waiting time between submission and announcement of the result. Only like this can the project space keep the momentum and focus on artistic and curatorial projects.In the early years, we were not thinking so much about accessibility to our exhibitions and events in a physical sense of venues without elevators or events without translation, but also in a digital sense. For many years, our online magazine hadn’t been accessible for screen-readers for people with poor vision or the blind, or keyboard navigation for people with mobility issues, for example. Getting there was a journey, and I think we would now start from a more accessible place. I would want local politicians to make their funding applications more accessible, not only in terms of able-ism, but also in terms of all forms of discrimination, e.g. proof of citizenship, applications having to be written in German. I wish that they would give a universal basic income to everyone (not just citizens), open their borders, and make healthcare free, free for everyone.Es ist wichtig, die Räume als freie, unabhängige Räume zu sichern und dies nicht unmittelbar an eine spezifische, lückenlose Konzeption oder einen wie auch immer definierten Erfolg zu knüpfen. Aufgeschlossen gegenüber wirklich offenen künstlerischen Prozessen und aufgeschlossen im Sinne einer nicht normativen Plattform für künstlerische Experimen­te können die Räume nur sein, wenn es Förder- und Sicherungskriterien gibt, die nicht einer bloßen Markt- und Verwertungslogik folgen. Austausch, Resonanz und Verknüpfung sind wichtige Momente – wie kann ein wirklich solidarisches Miteinander der Projekträume aussehen, bei dem es nicht um Konkurrenz und Profilierung gegeneinander geht?