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projekt archiv e. V.

Lychener Straße

Ignaz Schick, Kompositionen, Ansicht Setup /Equipment, 2019, Foto: Cristina Marx / Photomusix

John Butcher, Liz Allbee, Marta Zapparoli, Konzert 2019, Foto: Cristina Marx / Photomusix

Daniela Fromberg & Stefan Roigk, Unfamiliar Home, Klanginstallation, 2018, Foto: Fromberg & Roigk

Gitarren-Ensemble, Kompositionen von J. Kudirka, J. Reidy, E. Wong, 2019, Foto: Cristina Marx / Photomusix

The pandemic gave us a pause and became a forced hiatus. For us, it didn’t make sense to organize events or to move into the digital space during the last year. A willingness to think outside the box, to implement short-term funding, and to listen to the needs of the community. Not everyone requires long term investments; others would like to apply for EUR 500 to develop a project for next month. These quick, low-cost funding opportunities are not clearly available yet. When implementing initiatives, first think about the places and the people you are trying to serve. Requiring project spaces to have a program mapped out six months in advance, or ask for only German-language applications is not responding to the community.It just makes my heart sing. Despite all that, I believe in art, but I guess it is about time to find new ways (again).To run a space is a form of appreciation of other artists, it is an outcome of friendship and mutual understanding; it is an indication of trust between all involved. To run a space means to take responsibility. To run a space is not only self-organization – money may not be vital to put up a show – but it is for sure necessary to animate a space and keep it alive. The prize comes due to hard and merited work, but maybe a grant would be more befitting than a prize? Maybe an iron scaffold holding up a structure in advance is better suited than a gold star for accomplishments? To run a space is a full time job. A group of artists who share their enthusiasm, interests, time, and skills would impart a project with a larger circulation of assignments between the makers. I am convinced that the longevity and success of a space relies on a horizontally organized (net) work.